Conoscenti. Where will we newbies be?

Those who have been audiophiles before us newcomers, would like to know what has been tried and what has ended the search?
Among these giants such as the Infinity IRS and other classics by Infinity, Avantgardes, Avalons, Jbl's, Jmlabs, Soundlabs, MBL'S, Magicos,Pipedreams, Revels, Wisdom, Dali, Wilsons, Quads, Vandy's, Von Schweikerts and other well executed designs, those familiar with speakers of this class share with us which one or ones were kept? And if it was a horn speaker or Ribbon, was it the specific speaker brand or was it the speaker type that was appreciated?

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Servostatic, Quad 57, stacked Quad 57s, Quad 63s, stacked 63s, then an array of four, plus special speakers for the high end and Entecs for bass, also Maggie bass panels,then back to a pair of single 63s with Gradient subs, finally the big Sound Labs and the search has ended. Tried cone driven speakers several times, was never really happy with them.