Connoisseur BD 103 Power supply

 Hi. I have a Connoisseur BD 103. The power supply is giving me trouble.I believe it is the power supply.I have looked all over the web even contacted connoisseur in Singapore(no answer). My question is can I get mine repaired, buy a new one somewhere or is there a modern substitute. It is an outboard power supply weights a ton with heavy metal case. I like the table and don't want to discard it. Any help would be appreciated.
It appears to be a very simple unit, either AC out or DC out, no matter, still very basic.

Repairable or replaceable, is what it appears to be. Not at great cost to replace or repair, either.

The user manual at vinylengine also includes the schematic for the power supply box and the schematic for the internal speed control circuitry on the table proper.

It may be the speed control circuitry acting up and not the power supply box, as the power supply box has no capacitors to dry out and precious few contacts to get dirty. The internal board on the table is very suspect, when it comes to aging issues. Lots to go wrong there, when it comes to aging issues. Which this table, unserviced, will get into. (common for this sort of circuitry at this sort of age point). The connectivity can also age and need some contact re-stressing and cleaning.
Hard to see much that can go wrong with the PS, itself.  I agree that the control circuitry might be an issue.

What sort of problem are you having?
 I think that Theo has the right idea. I now think it is in the speed control circuitry. Theo, thanks for the help. Now how and where can I get this problem rectified. 

   Thank you all for any help with my problem..