Connectting Alesis 9600 to BAT VK32-SE

I would lke to record vinyl to an Alesis 9600. I am running 2 tt's inot an EAR 88PB then into a BAT VK32SE. The BAT has 5 inputs (2 balanced and 3 rca)but no outputs, except to 2 BAT VK-55 mono blocks. I am using balanced outputs on my EAR, which leaves the rca outputs unused. Can I connect thos to the Alesis inputs, or can I connect the two unsued rca's on the BAT preeamp as inputs to the Alesis inputs? The thought of haveing to run the tt dirctily into the Alesis is not appealing. Thank you in advance for your aadvice.
I think the VK-32SE has tape output which should be the one connected to the
Alesis input for recording purpose. However, the signal level of the tape output
is fixed. If it is too strong and overloads the Alesis (causing digital clipping) than
you can use the two RCA main outputs instead.
I too have an Alesis and plan to use it for recording vinyl. Can you connect the phonostage outputs directly to the inputs of the Alesis or is the only/better way to run the preamp tape out into the Alesis inputs?
Yes, you can run the phonostage directly to the Alesis as long as it doesn't overload it. The Alesis has no input gain control and its RCA input is about 10db more sensitive than the XLR input.
I use the tape loop on my linestage and the recordings off my TT are excellent. Does anyone know if you can record vinyl at a higher resolution (and burn CD) w/o using CD24?

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