Connectors that convert spades to bananas?

Does anyone know who makes this, I have seen them attached to a boulder amp before.

Speakers connector only offer spades input and I have bananas. I need a spade connector that will accepts Banana plugs on the other end. Not sure where I have seen them but definately on a Boulder Amplifier add some where some time ago.

Here are a couple:
Hello - you can use these too.

The photo shows the front "nosecone" unscrewed forward so the banana portion looks short - it actually back-up against the center disc to capture the spade, thus exposing more of the banana. This is a very popular, quality adapter.

Correction-from your information given your post should read connectors that convert bananas to spades shouldn't it? not spades to bananas as you have no spades,correct?
I've tried literally dozens of various adaptor/connectors and because I regularly pull out the bananas from my main speakers when I re-route the sound to my kitchen speakers, I've found most standard banana adaptors 'loosen up' over time and become very loose in their receptacles.

These ones I have found to not only maintain their incredibly tight connection, but also to be the ones able to be tightened onto the spade the hardest.
Good luck.
Halcro, You are absolutely right. These bananas offer the best connection and they do the least to harm the sound. Audioquest has been offering this type of banana for almost 20 years. The less metal the better as far as I'm concerned.
But I think he wants to go the other direction from a banana to a spade
Well my connectors will only accept spades and I have bananas. I need a spade connector that connectors to my speakers and will accept bananas plugs.

Hope this is clear, sorry about that.
Stacking connectors can have a negative affect on the sound.
Why not terminate your speaker cable with spades?
Or better yet, remove the bananas and use bare wire. We already had a dicussion about this recently.
Well its a $5000 pair of speaker cables that is factory terminated so... kind a in a situation so might have to move it probably instead of getting smart knowing my abilities with soldering irons.

So, you want to put add-ons on a $5,000 pair of speaker cables.
I recommend you send them back to the manufacturer for spades regardless of price to maintain the integrity of your speaker cables.
I'm using the Philmore angled spade to banana connectors sold by Handmade Electronics on my Scott tube amp and they work fine. You attach them to the spade connectors on your amp and then plug in your banana terminated speaker cable.