Connectors for Shunyata Hydra HC HVTX ??

Dear fellows.I would like to upgrade the connectors of my Shunyata Hydra Hc HVTX power cord 20 amp.I don`t know which could be the sonic differences betweenn silver and gold connectors.I have the possibility to buy wattgate silver conectors or Furutech gold connectors.My instinct says that may be silver is a good option because Hydra Hc power cords are known by their authoritative, heavy sound , with deep bass and silver seems to have the same logic that the cable; but may be I am wrong??....Does anybody tried these type of connectors in this cable?Pleasee I will appreciate your valuable suggestions.Thanks!Rafael
My system is as follows: krell Kav 300 cd , ARC LS2BMK2 preamp. ARC D200 amp,Apogee Centaur speakers, Purist Maximus interconnects, Purist Aqueous speaker cables Shunyata Hydra 4 power conditinner
That's interesting because I just had the same idea. The Hydra HC HVTX is potentially great wire terminated with an ordinary commercial grade plug & IEC. I just ordered the Oyaide C-279 (gold over bronze) IEC and P-037 (rhodium over silver) plug. I'm hoping that by mixing the different connectors it will neutralize any inherent metallic characteristics and also add detail and smooth out the sound of the Shunyata copper cable. It will need a while to cook before I know the answer. Good luck!
Err, I woulndn't contemplate emabarking on that exercise. Have a chat to Shunyata before you move.......
Err, I wouldn't contemplate emabarking on that exercise. Have a chat to Shunyata before you move.......
Hi fellows.After having some mails with Shunyata customer service, I decided not to change the original connectors as they are potted.So I prefer to make some experiences in PCs using bulk cables in order to not modify the factory assembly.Cheers.Raf.