Have to go to spade connectors at amplifier Pass 350.5. What spade connector sounds the best? Silver, copper, or combination of the two also which brand of connector would you use. Have electrostatic speakers and vinyl is my source. All suggestions appreciated.
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What connectors do you currently have, and what sound qualities are you looking to get from a change?
Have Nordost Frey speaker wire with their banana connectors. Trying to get the best sound possible.
There's very little difference among the various choices.

I doubt you could distinguish one from another in a blind test.
I doubt you could distinguish one from another in a blind test.
I agree - better off upgrading componets for bigger differences.
Maybe I didnt explain correctly I have to change connectors because my amplifier does not except banana connectors. Will use spade connectors looking for the best sound in a spade connector. Who makes the best connectors. Sorry if I mislead you but thank you all for your responses.
In my experience, connector differences can easily be heard. Generalities such as silver is one way and gold another can also be changed based on the quality of the actual base metals. Homegrown Audio offers connectors at a good price, though I find the Furutech spades to be much better. I don't think you can go wrong with the Furutech 201(G). To my surprise, I actually liked the 201(R) better. My surprise, because I generally find rhodium to be etched and un-musical, but Furutech's are not. The Oyaide spades are also exceptional performers.
No connector is the best sounding. No connector, as in bare wire. Unplated copper spades would be my next choice, but you have to occasionally polish them for best sound. If you like the sound of silver, then bare silver spades. They say the oxidation on silver is just as conductive as the silver itself, but something tells me they would benefit from polishing as well.
Oxidation on silver is a very predominant misconception. Oxidation is just as conductive, however silver oxide forms in only a high pressure environment, and what we actually experience on silver is tarnish, which is silver sulphide and not as conductive. So Hifiharv, your gut is very correct!
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In my experience, connector differences can easily be heard<<

Not by you or anybody else reading this.

I agree with most here that you won't perceive any audible difference, I have not, so go with the Furutech 201g, once fitted you will stop thinking about them.