Connections on Supex Cartridges

Do Supex cartridges have a different connection pattern than other carts? Users of these carts know that the pins are not color coded. I followed the color code from another cart I had and I'm only getting one channel playing along with a hum. I know the cart is good.

It could be those smaller than standard cartridge pins that Supex's have. I tried crimping the connectors before sliding them on and I think that they are making contact. But I recall a similar issue I had once with an unmarked Koetsu so I want to confirm the connection pattern for these.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
Dear Riz1: In my Supex and see in with the cartridge up side down and looking from the rear and starting from left side pins the position are: blue, white, red and green.

Regards and enjoy the music.
For the price of a Supex, I think it is outrangeous that they do not color code. Often these high end sellers love to make life difficult for 'members of the cult'.
Thank you Raul! You are always a great help and I appreciate it.