I just purchased some vintage Pioneer equipment;  Spec 1 Pre-amp, Spec 2 amp, TX 9500 tuner,
SG-9500 equalizer and RG1 Dynamic Processor. Could someone please tell me how to connect all
of this together, mainly how to connect the equalizer and Dynamic Processor into the system.\\

You can connect the Equalizer inputs to the Pre-amp outputs. You the connect the Equalizer out puts to the Amp inputs.

The Dynamic Processor is something I would put in the Tape loop. You would connect its inputs to the Tape out and its outputs to the tape in. When you want to use it you would then use the tape monitor switch to get in into the circuit. If that doesn’t work for you you could daisy chain it between the Equalizer and the Amp.

Hope that works for you.
You could also run each device through the (2) separate tape monitor circuits of the Spec 1 preamp. That would allow you to turn their effects on and off in the system to see how they sound.
Don't daisy chain anything. Output of preamp directly to input of amp. Connect the RG1 and SG-9500 to the 2 tape loops on the preamp, out(RG1 or 9500) to play(preamp) and in(RG1 or 9500) to rec(preamp). There are additional tape loops on the RG1 and 9500 if you need them for a tape deck. Tuner to tuner inputs on preamp.

what is the advantage of connecting to the tape loops instead of daisy chaining?
Putting the accessories between the amp and pre- amp changes the signal emanating from the pre-amp. This is a strong signal but it might affect the impedance values seen by the amp and damp it somewhat. I don't know in this case but I think since it is all solid state it really would not be a serious issue.

Putting it in the tape loop places it in front on the amplification circuit in the pre-amp (i.e. between the source and the pre-amp).

Most would suggest it be placed in the loop because it might only be used occasionally and it would be easy to just switch it out. I have no problem with that, but I do think that the potential for having these devices before the amplification section of the pre-amp might create more degradation in sound quality than  having them between the pre-amp and amp.

For example (my suggestion) putting the equalizer between the pre-amp and amp. I think many folks would  value an equalizer for room sound correction and  it's likely to be a set and forget event. Now if you value an equalizer for altering the tone of a source (either soft ware or hardware) then the tape loop makes perfect sense - you do want to change the tone before it hits the pre-amps amplification section anyway. 

I would think that using the 'dynamic processor' would only be an occasional event and appropriately put in the tape loop but, again, if this were to be used constantly between the amp and preamp would probably be best.

Most equalizers also have provision for adding another processor in a loop (used to replace the loop it preempted on the pre-amp). It is possible to use this loop to piggy back  the 'dynamic processor' and be able to turn it on or off at the equalizer. 

And FWIW, a lot of folks might just no hear a meaningful difference in sound regardless of where these items are place, there are just too many variables, including our ancillary equipment and listening skills, to predict what anyone really should do.


The amp will perform it's best when driven directly by the output stage of the preamp, not that output stage through an EQ to the amp. The EQ is just an elaborate tone control. I have never seen a preamp with it's tone controls after the final output stage. Tone controls should be if front of that final stage. So, putting the EQ in between the preamp and amp just doesn't make common sense with proper design. An exception could be an EQ with a gain stage, but these will have a master level control, and that is not the case with the 9500. As far as any degradation of the sound, that chance will be greater with daisy chain than in a tape loop, because of the higher level of the signal and the EQ is designed to operate with the lower level signals of a tape loop. Finally, here is your 9500 manual that states to connect to a tape loop, and no where is there an alternate type of connection. 

And the same applies to the RG1 as well.

Thanks to everyone for all of the very useful information....
Nobody mentioned this..... SCORE!!!