Connection Question

How do I connect the USB on my Chromebook , to the  built in DAC , digital input only in my integrated amp ?


Unless you have a USB input on your DAC/AMP you don't without some sort of digital to digital converter like a Mutec MC3+USB or Sonore Ultra Digital.

I have a NAD C328 integrated that has 2 digital and 2 optical inputs . I don't know anything about details .

Your NAD C328 amp has 4 digital audio inputs (2 optical/2 coaxial). It does not have a USB input connection. If your Chromebook only supports USB output, you are going to need a digital to digital convertor was suggested above.

For example:

DOUK Audio Converter

I think the above will work but please confirm this.  Search on USB to optical converter for additional options.   


I 'm going to try to get more info on this converter . It's on Amazon for $ 56 . Thanks for the link .