Connection Question

How do I connect the USB on my Chromebook , to the  built in DAC , digital input only in my integrated amp ?


I'm not trying to be a jerk, honest, but you haven't given us enough to understand your problem. What integrated amp do you havev? What inputs does it accept?

Sorry I double posted . Yes with a cable . I was specific in the details , and might have a solution . Thanks .

I’m glad you do cuz I don’t. Unless maybe something totally exotic like an A to B cable.

Douk Audio USB to digital audio converter . $ 56 on Amazon . Seems to be a possible solution .

Solution found . The Douk Audio USB converter arrived yesterday , and was connected between my Chromebook and NAD integrated amps digital input . It has been playing Amazon HD music for the last several hours without a glitch . I didn't have to download any drivers , the Chromebook automatically recognized the device . Thanks to those who took the time to respond to my inquiry .

Congratulations.  I  am happy to hear the Douk Audio USB converter is working.