Connection Problems with CAT5e

I'm having a problem terminating CAT5e to various terminals, such as connector blocks on the back of receivers and the back of keypads. In the process of getting all eight conductors in places, some of them break off. I've tried connecting them to other types of wire, but in the process some of them almost always break. I haven't had these problems with other CAT5 products, but my whole house is wired with this very brittle stuff. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is there some product where I can secure the shaft of the CAT5 cable to something so that I'm then free to work on the individual conductors without twisting the other ones all around? Does that make any sense? I just need to convert the spastic CAT5 leads to some other sturdier leads that can stand up to the abuse of the equipment rack, etc. As it is, once I get one of these things rigged, I'm afraid to breathe on it, let alone move it.
Thanks for any advice,
I work with Cat 5e daily and it is intended to be terminated on Cat 5e jacks. It is data cable and the twist of the individual pairs is intended to be tight right up to the termination. Perhaps you should try the jacks and then go modular (Male Plug) with tails of patch cables. The patch cables have stranded wire inside, cat 5e has solid core copper and is not intended to be moved at all once installed. It sounds like you are using the cat 5e for purposes other than it's designed for. Most other low voltage cable is stranded and often shielded with a heaver guage.
Thanks Tubeking,
Any suggestions for a specific jack-to-modular/male plug/tails product?