Connection principles

I have a question about how to connect a 2 channel unbalanced active equalizer (102 KUBE) that resides between the processor and amp. The run from processor to amp is 18', so I use a balanced cable. I could (1) split the balanced cable to a pair of Jensen ISO MAX transformers that convert balanced to unbalanced, go through both channels of the KUBE, then convert to a single input to the amp. Or I could (2) take the balanced cable to a single ISO MAX, split its output to go through the 2 channel KUBE, then recombine for the single input to the amp. Are there any principles of practice to guide in selecting between 1 and 2, or does it matter? Any suggestions?

If your processor has tape loop than you can in-out eq and use the tape switch for eq otherwise you will bypass it.
Same way I use Musical Fidelity X10 tube buffer.