connection of the better sounding IC ,please

Hi, I am in the process for amps upgrade- going from a SS Integrated to a separate Tube Preamp and FetValve Amp. I have been using the TruthLink IC.(by harmonic tech) and quite pleased with it. If I would get a pair of less expensive (sonically not as good as TruthLink ); I wonder which direction should I connect the IC ?- should the better sounding IC. be connected from the source to Preamp ? or from Preamp to Amp ?
Your opinion and suggestions is highly appreciated and thanks in advance
you will get varying responses on this question. most will say use the better one from source to pre but I had a different experience and clearly preferred the better IC between pre and power.

try for yourself

trust the force luke...
agree with above..

since you are using a different ic... your mileage will vary..