Connection help

Here is what Im trying to accomplish. Run all my sources through an analogue pre into a two channel power amp into my fronts. At the the same have the HT run through the receiver for the separate center rears and the same fronts. Someone, please help me out and explain how I can connect this
ps, the pre doesnt have an HT bypass, so thats not an option
thanks in advance

Does your HT receiver have preouts, or why not list your equipment? Knowing the components is necessary to determine your options.
Presumably, your HT receiver has high level outputs (RCA?) for the two front channels. These can be connected to your analog preamp inputs, perhaps "source #4 or whatever."

When you want to listen to your 2 channel sources, just select them and play them through your preamp.

When you want to listen to your 5.1 (or 7.1) HT material, just select "source #4 or whatever" on your analog preamp. Then your HT receiver will play your center and rear speakers while your two front speakers will be played by your 2 channel amp driven by your analog preamp which has been selected to the HT receiver as a source.

As Bob pointed out, you will need to adjust your analog preamp level to correctly balance the output volumes of the left and right front speakers.

This requires that your HT receiver has a high level output (like RCA) that can be connected to your analog preamp. And it requires an unused pair of inputs on your analog preamp.

Jameswei is on the right track, as he explained why I as asking about RCA preouts on the HT receiver, however when using the HT receiver, the source used will need to be connected to an input on the HT receiver. If you are using a universal player, then take digital out to the HT receiver, and L/R audio out to the analog preamp.
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Now we are on the right track everyone. The only issue i have ewith connecting the HT receiver which for clarity is a rotel 1570 into one of the preamps inputs which is a rogue metis is I use NOS tubes in the pre and dont want to wear them out watching TV, movie etc.
Bob's post about sharing the fronts is the crux of the situation. I want the amp for music only.
I was wondering if I used Y connectors at the power amp and ran ics from both the pre and HT receiver to the amp that way if it would work better than a speaker switch
thanks, I almost have it figured out