Connection Help Please on Cal Audio CL2500?

I just purchased a Cal Audio CL2500. It has an aes output for upsampling which I would like to use for cds if I can. My question is this, where do I connect this cable to on the back of my pre/pro which is a Lex DC1 or can I? If I can do I still run cables from the analog connections on back of the 2500 to the analog connections on back of the DC1? Never done this and have no clue what to do so your help would really be appreciated.
I own the CAL 2500 Pre, but not the DVD player. The analog output from the Cal 2500 DVD player will output very good stereo. I believe your Lexicon will proceed to converted the signal back to digital and then analog at the output, unless it has a pass through. Converting D-A at the DVD player and A-D and D-A at the Lexicon is not desirable.

You will need to conect the digital out to the digital in of your Lexicon, for movies, DTS, Dolby digital 5.1 etc., and it will take care of the stereo convertion automatically.

I am not familiar with the Lexicon, but the CAL 2500 Pre has a regular coaxial digital input, and a Toshlink. The DVD player should have at least one of this outputs

You would connect the AES output to one of the digital inputs on the lexicon. It's important that the lex have 88.2/96 KHz capability. No need to connect the analog cables if you go the AES route. I'm running the same Cal unit throught the Cal 2500 Pre-Pro and the AES output delivers better sound than the analog outs.