Connecting two amps-bi-amp cabling

I am planning on using two identical SS amplifiers (200wpc)to two speakers which have single inputs. The amps do not have an obvious internal bridging capability.

I was going to run one amp per speaker (I have double pre-amp outs)and was planning on having custom cables made with four conductors at each amp 2x+; 2x-)and two at the speaker (1x+; 1x-) to utilize both amp channels for one speaker.

Anyone have any suggestions for a "better way"?
MIT used to make special speaker cables for just this your purpose. They were however not useable for every kind of amp. Get in touch with Joe Abrams at, he could tell you more. He is very helpful and kowledgeable in these matters.
As far as your basic idea is concerend, I had the same many years ago and was told that I'd blow the amp. Since I'm more ears than technical brains, I've forgotten the reason why this was so. Maybe someone with a technically savvy brain will come to our rescue. Cheers,
There was an Audioquest Emerald cable (3 Meters I think) for sale on Audiogon that was made this way just for this purpose. There are also splitters--but that's an added connection. I would go with the custom cable and used if you can find it--because it won't have much of a resale value from a new purchase price.
Zorpman, you had better consult the amp's manufacturer before attempting such a hook up -- I don't think it will work as you anticipate and may be harmful to the amplifiers.
I wouldn't want to see you have to change your name to "Zappedman"!
Mit makes a push pull cable. Its a biwired interconnect and each side plugs into both sides of a two channel amplifier. The speaker cables are then put on the two positives and it uses one channel per direction. I use these cables and I am very pleased with them. They are a little pricy though. Retail for the interconnects is $2500 and $4000 for the speaker cables. I will bet though that you could use any speaker cables with these interconnects.
Correct if I'm wrong, but wouldn't connecting two amp channels to the same speaker terminals create a zero impedance loop in between those amp channels? It seems that such a hookup would destroy any amplifier, just like touching the positive and negative ends together at full tilt. Just a thought
With outputs paralleled, the amps wouldn't work for very long if at all. Perfectimage's push-pull idea will work. MIT is recommended esp. when stability issue is involved, as in this case.
You better contact the amp manufacturer if you want to remain a happy camper. It only takes one second of "theory put into practice" to produce enough smoke to haunt you for a lifetime. I would rather be safe than sorry.... Sean