Connecting to a Bluesound Vault 2i

I know there are several Bluesound users on the forum, and I am not getting any support from Bluesound.  I just received an new Vault 2i and I want to control it using a Windows 10 Tablet.  I loaded the BluOS app onto the Tablet, and the Tablet has recognized the Vault.  However, the BluOS app will not open, or recognize the Vault.  Vault is flashing green which means "Looking for a Network".  Can I use this product without connecting to the internet?  If so how?  Do I need a Router?  Will a Router operate without internet access?  All I want to be able to do is connect the Vault to my DAC and control the Vault with my Tablet via bluetooth and the BluOS app.  I don't want to stream anything.  I don't to communicate with any other devices.  Any help, guidance, or clarification would be greatly appreciated by this challenged new user.  Thanks.
You need a Wifi network to connect to the Vault and control it with your tablet.

I would try a factory reset.
I don't own the Vault, but I think it is holding down the button for 30 seconds until it changes color.
You can also get support via Bluesound Website.
There should be a little pop up at the lower right corner for support.
Click on it, type Vault, and it will list some things, but below it is a Contact Us button.
@gdnrbob2 Yes, I reviewed Bluesound's support articles and contacted Bluesound several days ago, but no reply.

The reset sounds like a potential solution but somewhat scary on a brand new device.  My concern is that without internet access, the Vault will constantly be looking for updates causing the network to freeze up.

I don't have a problem with buying a Router if that will solve all issues, but I'm not convinced it will.  Yes, I am the last man on Earth without internet access, and now I am suffering for it.

What he said.

"You need a Wifi network to connect to the Vault and control it with your tablet"

You need a router and internet access...the tablet and your phone will connect to the Vault via wifi. The Vault must be hardwire connected to your router. The Vault will download all its updates automatically via the internet too.

I am a little confused. The whole point of a Vault is to stream music. Yes you must have internet and a router to connect to the Vault.