Connecting some vintage stuff up....but with a "snag" in the situation....

Hi everyone.. Always drop in when I have issues with my A/V stuff and always find answers. This time though, have a "hook up" dilemma and hoping someone can help me out because unique in nature.

Here we go..

A few weeks ago I purchased a vintage Scott 375R receiver. I did this because this was my very first receiver I bought when I was in my mid teens. Worked hard for it so it had sentimental value to me. Came across one in excellent condition and nabbed it up!

Decided to set up a little system in my basement. Didn't want to spend a lot on speakers but didnt want junk.. I ended up choosing the Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II line. I had some Monitor 10b's back in the early 90's. I know, I know,... Mathew Polk sold out a long time ago and always heard quality went down from there. But man... I was looking over the reviews on their line now on Amazon and other sites.. and surprisingly seeing high ratings!!

Cleaned the POTS and tuner on the Scott, hooked up the Polk towers and they sounded pretty damn good! I have to say though I wasn't happy with the low expected, so I purchased the Polk PSW10 sub in hopes being happy with a sub from them also...WRONG.. the sub was junk! I now have a Speedwoofer 10S sub pre ordered now and looks like that's gonna be a winner (I'm sure it's evident to all here that I'm trying to go the least expensive way but get the best band for my buck). I have a vintage Sansui G-9000 receiver in my office and a really nice home theater set up... so dont want to get carried away and have the wife on my butt....

Ok... here's what I want to do.

I just purchased some 80HZ High pass crossovers. The Polks have option to bi-amp which is what I want to do. The Scott is only rated @ 65w/ch but of course I want more reserve power to get these Polks to sound their best. I owned some Sony ES series stuff back in a day too and loved them so went back in time and found the Sony TA-N9000ES 5 channel amp (5 Ch...because didn't want to buy 2 separate amps, just use 4 of the 5) for the bi-amping of the Polks.

Here's the snag... the Scott does not have pre-outs... damn!

What I decided to do is get the Russound ADP-1.2 Speaker-level to Line-level Adapter. I's probably gonna introduce some noise but the reviews I read are hopeful when it came to that.... so gonna try this method.

This is where I need some input from anyone here.

Here is how I think I should wire:

Come out (speaker level) from Scott go straight to "high level inputs" of the sub (subs done). Somewhere on that same speaker level wire (between Scott and sub) tap off from left and right and go to the Russound.

From the Russound... come out RCA cables L and R and add "Y" RCA adapters to each side...this will enable me to take a signal and feed both left and right (input fronts) of amp to power my tweeters and feed both left and right (input rears) of amp to power my mids.

Then last would be to add the 80HZ crossovers on my speaker level cables to my mids...

This seems to be the best way...Am I wrong? I know the simplest thing would be to have a receiver with pre outs but like I said earlier... love my Scott.!

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!



What you need is a sub that accepts a speaker level signal and then cross over, usually at 80 Hz, to the mains. Then you can adjust the level (and phase if it has that). That would be the simplest and least distorting solution.