is there a way to connect a after market powercord to dvd players that have the small iec connecters or does anyone make adapters and if so is it a benefit ,I ask because I would like to add a black mamba to my denon 3000chuck
Mike Vansevers makes the adapter you need for your DVD player. you plug in the adapter and then your power cord , I think it sell for $80, Music Direct also carrys it. Greg
HUH? Whats the point of that? Why would you want to ad more cord? That can't help. And if it is a power conditioning cord then it will do no good without a ground. If it is then you need to buy an adapter from frys for $5. or any computer store. Then run a wire from the chassi to the ground hole. (after the power cord. not in the wall.) I suggest just adding an iec input to your dvd player. It's really not that hard. And it will sound less harsh and digital. Good luck.
kacz I dont think you understand what I am saying . I just want to take out the cord that the unit comes with and change it for an after market powercord but the denon has the small iec in back of the unit that does not let you plug an aftermaket cord that is why Iam asking if there is an adapter. If anyone has done this please let me know if it improves the sound.
Chucky, I don`t think he knew what you were asking, anyway it was nice to talk to you on the phone, keep in touch and let me know how it went. Greg
There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about power cords. I will simplify it, and no doubt someone will pick me up as a result, but here goes. The crappy TPC in your wall, and the crappy stuff going way back to your power company has one big benefit - it has low resistance. The downside is that it picks up and even generates noise, some of which gets through into the music signal. A short length of good power cord between the wall and your components is a good thing because, many basic cords become a resistive/reactive bottleneck, and because a good cord will be designed to provide a judicious degree of conditioning - hence getting rid of a lot of the noise. Both of these concepts make a nonsense of the protests that a short piece of power cord cannot be relevant in the context of miles of crappy TPC back to the power company. The conditioning effect of a power cord can be much more successful than a power conditioner for a variety of reasons that space does not allow me to outline. Suffice to say, while a conditioner can do the conditioning job, it unfortunately introduces problems in and of itself. Furthermore, power cords sound different from each other even without a ground. Apart from suggesting you listen, you might also consider that conditioners also operate between phase and neutral. Adding an IEC adaptor (as is being suggested above) increases the connections after the expensive power cable, thereby letting back in more of what you tried to remove with the expensive cord. It does not defeat the beneficial effects of a good power cord, but you will get better results by putting in the large IEC receptacle - but you must weigh this up with warranty/resale issues for yourself.
I still get the feeling you guys don`t understand what he wants to do, whats the difference from solderig a iec connecter. or buying one that is already made, at least he can resell the unit and keep the adapter for another player. I`ve had one on my old Mag player that work great, I wished that would have kept it. He will get all the benefits from adding a power cord to his DVD player as he would from any other device, whether he uses a solder iec or an adapter, it won`t make any difference at all . GREG
The connector is a very viable way to go as you suggest Greg. But in the same position I would also consider replacing the IEC receptacle. Unless I am mistaken, the adaptor will involve an extra push-on connection between the cord and the DVD player's transformer. Such connections attract noise. I have not heard the effect of such an adaptor and so cannot comment on whether the effect is audible, or to what extent. But I agree the effect will be very small compared with the improvement gained by using a good power cable. Chucky, if you do not feel comfortable in any way with installing the larger IEC receptacle, then I reckon you should go ahead with the adaptor as Greg suggests.
why don't you call calein gabriel at shunyata. he might be able to make a pc with your connector type.i had him make a special pc with the neutric powercon connector for my dvd player.[made all the difference in sound and picture] an adapter will only let you hear about 30% of what the black mamba will do. if anything see if calein can make the adapter. one thing to consider is will the cord cost as much as the player. i don't see any problem with resale if a qualified tech changes the iec inlet.
RedKiwi, the adapter has the same small iec "female" as the stock unit at one end, then it has the larger iec "female" on the other end . you can use the adapter with out having to modify the DVD player. Resale will be easy on him, and won`t void any warrany. The power cord will have all the sonics that he is looking for, I don`t think 30% is the right number to use, it will be MUCH higher than that!!! Hows the audio world down under these days , do they love it as mush as we do? Chucky you better think twice about having a cord made with the small iec, you`ll be stuck with that cord if you move on to a player that doesn`t need one, it might be hard to sell later, the adapter will go cheap and easy!!!! Greg
mikela what player do you have and was the difference in sound dramatic when you put the black mamba in,what improvement did you get. I also wanted to ask you who told you that you only get 30 percent with the adapter.I just wanted to know so I know what to do.
Greg, New Zealand is not a great place for high-end audio, except for perhaps the choice of good locally made amplifiers (of which Plinius is just one, and they are much cheaper here). The market is too small due to the small population and low incomes. This means it is hard to get to try stuff, the service is usually very poor, if it breaks down you are lucky to get it fixed within six months, selling second-hand means taking huge losses etc. Hence the internet has been a great benefit. I am lucky because I get to travel on business, but I have had to buy a lot of stuff speculatively because it is not practical to try it first. For example, I currently have a Sonic Frontiers Line One and a Meridian 500/566 combo for sale - they will probably take about six months to sell and the price will be well below what they would sell for in the US. But despite all of this there are many of us that adjust for all of these problems and pursue this crazy hobby anyway. I am about to move to Fiji to live for a few years, where audiophiles are an even more endangered species. Certainly there are NO high-end dealers in Fiji whatsoever.
chucky-i have a sony 7700.the difference ws amazing.the same sonic improvements you here on a cd player are acheived.the picture got cleaner and more refined. the 30% i stated could be off by 20%.the adapter type has alot to do with the end result.i had made an adapter from iec to neutric with high quality connectors & telon wire similar to the powersakes type.i called calein and he said that was good,but not as good as going straight in to the units connector. when i installed the right connector in the player[no adapter] i felt the difference was around 100% if you put a cheap adapter on a 700.00 cord,i dont't see you getting more than 30-40%'s like putting a 2.00 cheater plug on one of these me at and i'll give # to call. mikela