Connecting Oppo 103 to Ayre QB-9 DSD

I am thinking about purchasing Ayre QB-9.  However, QB-9 only accepts USB Type B.  Is there a way to convert HDMI or Coax into USB for audio only? Can this be done and generate hifidelity results?

Bad combination. :(

You have to change to the Oppo 105, which has USB 2.0 outputs, OR change your DAC.

I like the 9, but it’s VERY source fussy. I haven’t heard the Codex, but hear good things about it. How about a Mytek 192? About $1k new since it’s discontinued (direct from Mytek) and will take optical and coax inputs.

Fiddleronroof....why don't you touch base with Ayre.  Michael Weidemeir is a good guy and will advise you well.