Connecting my turntable to Quad 12L Active speaker

I am trying to connect my Technics turntable to a Bellari phono preamp, then on to my Parasound Halo P3 preamp and then finally to my Quad 12L active speakers. I was under the impression that this configuration would work well, but since I am not that versed in all of this, I wasn't sure. Any thoughts?
It will work

Since I started this thread, I connected everything like I specified above, but my speakers started crackling and popping. It's like the Bellari is causing this to happen. Again, I am connecting my turntable to my phono preamp, and connecting my grounding cable to the Bellari and not the Parasound grounding place. From the Bellari, I am connecting to the Phono/Aux connection on the Parasound, and then on to the Quad 12L Active speakers. Also, I am using unbalanced cables. I have no idea why my speakers would go crazy like this. Please help.
It sounds like you are connecting your phono stage to another phono stage. You need to connect the Bellari to a regular line input and ground your turntable at the Bellari phono stage. So don't use the phono input on your preamp from the Bellari, use something like the CD input or video input.
Ejlif may be onto something. I looked at a classified for the Parasound pre-amp and it said "one line input switchable to MM phono". If you are connected to the phono input and it it switched to "MM phono", you may have 2 phono pre-amps connected in series. An easy way to test it is to simply move the RCA interconnects from the phono input on the Parasound to any of the other line level inputs (Aux, CD, TV, DVD, etc) and try it. If it works, you know the problem is with the phono input on the Prasound. From there you can investigate how to switch off the built-in MM phono pre-amp in the Parasound.

Or, you could read the manual to see if you can figure out how to simply turn off the phono pre-amp in the Parasound.

BTW, I'm not familiar with the Parasound pre-amp, just guessing based on the verbiage from one of the classified ads I saw........