Connecting Marantz SA-1 to a receiver

Dumb question but I'm not a techie: I was just given a Marantz SA-1 SACD player. My only amp at this time is an Arcam AVR-300 receiver. I have twin speakers, not surround. I have a few SACDs but mostly regular CDs. For best performance, should I cable the Marantz to the CD inputs on the Arcam (will that negate SACD quality)? Or cable to the left and right multi-channel DVD-A/SACD inputs (will that impair CD quality)? Many thanks for any and all advice.
I have owned an SA-1 since that model was brand new. To play both SACD and CD disks, you will need to use the analog outputs. SACD information does not come out of the balanced or unbalanced digital outputs. The balanced analog outputs are the best sounding, but since your receiver probably does not have balanced inputs, stick with the RCA analog outputs. While the Arcam is a good-sounding receiver, I think that keeping the signal analog after the SA-1's processing is the way to go in your two-channel system. The SA-1 has truly excellent analog stages.
Many thanks. Actually, the Arcam does have balanced inputs but since I have very good RCA cables and no balanced equipment I'll stick with your advice.
Have you had any or acknowledged any problems with SA-1? They've been out awhile now, and I'm curious its liability. Thanks