Connecting F-type cable to Mcintosh Tuner

I have a McIntosh Mr-66 and would like to connect my Magnum Dynalab Antenna to it using a F-type coax cable. All the Mac has for connectors are small screw terminals. Any suggestions for how to connect the antenna.
There is an adapter available. It has a place for two screws and a female F-type you will need a male F to F block. All should be available at radio Shack. You might also look at making an female f type with stranded wire I believe that would yeild better signal transfer.
It's a 300 ohm to 75 ohm adapter. Just like a older TV would use. Screws on one end and a female F connector on the other. Link is below.
Using the adaptor will work but you will lose 3db of gain. If your station comes in strong enough, no problem. If you notice a problem, get a folded dipole at Radio Shack (6 bucks). It's terminated with small spades that will fit your Mac perfectly. I actually prefer it to my ST-2.