connecting DD decoder to a 2ch preamp

I have a Dolby Digital decoder built into my DVD player. What's the best/easiest/cheapest way to connect this to a regular 2 channel preamp without 5.1 inputs? right now, I can connect the Left and Right main outs from the DVD player to my preamp, which works fine for the main front channels, but what about the other outputs (Center, L rear, R rear and Sub)? The DVD player's decoder doesn't adjust the volume/attenuation of the DD output, so do I need a 4 channel preamp for the different levels for the 2 rear speakers and the subwoofer? should I just buy a cheap add-on DD decoder in order to be able to adjust the levels of all 5.1 outputs needed for DD?
Your main L&R output aside from 5.1 output will contain all 5.1 information. So, without 5.1 input ready receiver or preamp, what you've currently configured is best you can do now.
Think about the Vantas pre-amp, amp, processor.
Unfortunatley, I think the first guy(Sk on 2/23/00) has the right info for you! Your current setup work's the best. If you try to add other output's dirrectly in to some sort of amp (sans the preamplificatin), I think you'll likely get lackluster (mismatched impedence) dynamics and output from a center channel or rears(my experience over the years anyway!). I think you definitely want to use some sort of preamp or pre/pro, preferably using the digital out of the processor into the pre amp(s)/ pre/pro's, instead of the 6 channel outputs of your digital processor! If you use your DVD as the 5.1 channel processor, and it sounds good for 2 channel music into your 2 channel preamp, you might want to stay with this set up when listening to 2 cannel music (even 24/96). But with DD movie's with 5 speakers, I think the only good way to get the dynamics and output, is to go Digital out in to a pre/pro setup of somekind with sufficient gain levels! Best, Keri