Connecting DAC magic With 901 VI equalizer

To get the best result can someone guide me as to how to connect Cambridge Audio DAC Magic with Bose 901 series VI equalizer and QSC PLX3402 Amp.
Assuming you indeed have the DAC Magic and not the DAC Magic plus that can act has a preamp. Yon don't mention having a separate preamp or receiver or such.

Best advise would be to contact Bose which encourages one to do so with any special hook up connections. With the information you listed it sounds like you will need a way of adjusting gain/volume.
Yes I have DAC magic only not the plus one. Also if I put a Nokia MD-310 for bluetooh connectivity, how to connect all of these. As I mentioned above the amplifier is QSC PLX3402.
Connecting your gear assuming the amp has the proper amount of gain. Your digital source, say computer, cd player, into your DAC. Output of DAC feeding the main line input of your Bose equalizer, output to feed your amp. You will need a cable which has RCA plugs on one end and TRS phone plugs or XLR to connect to your amp.

The tape input of your Bose may work for your bluetooth device if it does not have a digital output. If it does connect to a input on your DAC. If not connect to the tape input of the Bose. Switching the tape input may then serve as your switch for listening to the DAC or the Nokia.

Your volume or gain control would be on your amp. How well it would work for yourself you of course would judge best. For multiple devices is one reason for the addition of a suitable preamp.

Post how you make out. And you may indeed wish to contact Bose if you have not already for their take on the matter. Good luck.
Dear glenfihi
Thanks a lot for your advise. I will let you know about my setup when I receive my QSC on order.