Connecting CDP with volume control to mono blocks

I was considering buying mono block amplifiers and was wondering if there are any problems connecting my Opus 21 directly without preamp.
Do I need a preamp for this configuration?
You can run direct from the Opus 21 to monoblocks, either with XLR or RCA IC's.
Nope, you don't need a pre-amp. I ran my Resolution Audio Opus 21 directly into a variety of amps, including a pair of mono-blocks.

BTW, The RA Opus 21 is a great CD player!


Instep, you will not only have no problem doing this, you may very well have an even better sonic solution without the preamp in the picture.

Just one man's opinion who has experimented with this before (different gear, same idea).
Thanks a lot guys. I guess now I have the green light to get those JRDG mmodel 201's I've been looking at.