connecting CD player to preampr?

Hello everyone, I'm new here and need a little guidance. I'm thinking about buying a onkyo P-303 preamp. It has no CD in, only phono, mic, tuner and tape in. So, if I connect my CD player to tape or tuner am I losing any sound quality? or should I stay clear of such gear?
Do not worry, they are just labels. All line inputs are created equal. The preamp does not know the source of the signal, the labels are there for your connivence. If you like the preamp get it, it will work fine with CD. It is quite old, that is why no CD input, your concern should be about its age rather than lack of CD labeling; don't see many inputs labeled mike these days.
No, you are fine. As long as you don't use phono.
Yes the Phono in will over amplify your signal and it will be terrible. The other high level inputs will work fine. usually there is an aux like on my approx. 50 Y.O. Fisher 400 reciever.
Stanwal brings up an interesting point, I no longer see inputs labeled Mike, Sue has become a lot more common. But that goes to the popularity of Johnny Cash's song, I think.
I was trying to be funny but yours is better.
Well, thanks to your set-up.