Connecting Bose 901 Equalizer to a receiver or another graphic equalizer

Greetings!  I've read a lot of the discussions posted; contacted Bose, Yamaha, Sony, and Kenwood, and still can't figure out how to reconnect my 901 EQ to my system.  Before I moved, the EQ/speakers were connected to this system and worked wonderfully.  My receiver does not have pre-outs but it does have tape play/record and so does the Kenwood EQ.  If someone can assist, I'd be very grateful.

I see a lot of people do not like the 901s.  When I graduated high school and joined the Air Force in 77, I purchased 3 pairs of 901s in Okinawa JA because at that time I loved them.  The pair I kept all of these years are the special edition oak cabinets on stands.  Several years ago, I had the speakers (tweeters) rebuilt.  I have an emotional attachment to them now.  Thanks for your help!
Thanks for the suggestions but I must be an idiot!  The back of the Kenwood graphic equalizer has line in/ line out. It has tape A and B REC and PLAY. I tried going from the Bose EQ tape out and tape in to all three of the options on the Kenwood EQ. When connected properly, I remember being able to push the tape monitor button on the Bose EQ and it would engage and disengage. I can’t get the Bose EQ engaged. I have a masters degree in education but I may need someone to speak slower.  Is the Bose EQ or the KENWOOD EQ connected to the Sony receiver or just to each other?  Does anything connect to the amplifier connections on the back of the Bose EQ?  I appreciate your time!

I suspect you have the Series III version, but it looks like they have all the owners guides there for you to find. 
You should connect your receiver to the “amplifier” connections on the Bose EQ. 
There are many ways to daisy chain in the Kenwood EQ should you desire to do so, but connecting to the Bose EQ “tape recorder” connections might be the most versatile. 
Good luck!

(I was a Bose fan in 1977 too!)
Sorry, please ignore my suggestion to connect the Kenwood EQ to the Bose EQ tape recorder connections if you want both EQs summed. (Surely Bose did not send EQ’d signals to the Tape connections.)
When I connect the Bose EQ amplifier in/out to the receiver “tape” in/out, “tape” must be engaged on the front of the receiver.  This won’t allow me to “play” another device. 
I believe when the Bose EQ was connected to the Kenwood EQ tape  “A” and “tape A”” was engaged on the front panel, this allowed for the Bose EQ to work. I also remember being able to turn the Bose EQ on and off by engaging the monitor button on the front of the Bose EQ. This isn’t working now. 
I’ve talked to Bose tech support several times, Kenwood support, and Sony support. No luck. Any other suggestions besides getting a new system. 😜. My wife has already suggested that!  😡
Just trying to help Bill. 

“When I connect the Bose EQ amplifier in/out to the receiver “tape” in/out, “tape” must be engaged on the front of the receiver.  This won’t allow me to “play” another device.”

Yes, it should allow you to play another device. 

The whole purpose of a tape loop is to allow the selected source (e.g.phono) to be routed to a tape recorder to be recorded. Invoking the tape monitor on the receiver, then switches to what the tape recorder is putting out, which should be the same as what the receiver is feeding it (e.g. phono). The Bose EQ is just a pass through with EQ. If you disengage the tape monitor on the receiver, you should hear the selected source (e.g.phono) directly without the EQ.