connecting an active subwoofer to Primaluna PL1

Is it possible to connect an active sub-woofer to the Primaluna Prologue One? If so, how can I do it? Moreover, is it reccomended, and are there any foreseeable problems doing this?
check out Upscale Audio's website they have a link on how to do this
Here's the link:

REL recommends using the high-level input for all of their subwoofers. The reason they recommend this type of connection is as simple as it is logical: it ensures your subwoofer is seeing the EXACT SAME SIGNAL as your speakers.
This is often cited, but is not actually correct. The subwoofer AMP sees the same signal as your speakers, not the subwoofer driver. Will the sub's amp impact the signal? Probably. Will it matter? Probably no more so than having the main speaker's amps and the sub's amp receive the exact same signal from the preamp when using line level connections.

Often times subwoofers will allow you to hook them up to the speaker taps of the amp and to cross-over the main speakers, restricting how much low information they get. Don’t assume this is a benefit. It may allow the mains to play louder as they are not having to move as much air, but the downside is you can lose some clarity.
You can also gain some clarity by reducing the distortion produced by the woofers in the main speakers since they are not handling the bass frequencies.

Experiment as different products work different ways.
Good advice.
As far as audio tech is concerned I am a newbie. I am not sure I understand what is said in those links. Can someone explain in simple words if it is possible to connect my active subwoofer to the primaluna Prologue 1? Is it just a matter of taking each wire (i have a pair) from the subwoofer and connecting it to each speaker binding post?
Or can I take the pair of wires and connect it to the binding posts of a single speaker?
Tell us what sub you have and what speaker level connections it provides and we may be able to help.
Ditto. Do not do what you were thinking but, instead, tell us exactly what you have to work with.

It is an Epiphany 250 watts active sub-woofer. On the back there is a low-level output (looks like a tv cable) that goes into my home theater amp (Harmon Kardon)which has a sub-woofer connection. There are also a pair of mono inputs (left and right) as well as a pair of mono outputs (left and right). These look like you can press the flap and insert the wire into the hole. Currently only the low level output is connected to the harmon kardon. I plan to keep the HK for home theater but use the Prologe for music only but would be better if I could connect the subwoofer to it also. Hope this helps
From your description, I think the sub has spring clip speaker binding posts. But I'm confused when you say they are "mono inputs." I would expect to see a red & black pair of spring clips for the left input and a red & black pair for the right input. Likewise for the speaker level left and right outputs.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I didn't find any info on an Epiphany subwoofer online.
You are right, there is a red and black pair of spring clips and right. It just ath they are labelled as mono which col dbe a misnomer.
Ok, two more questions: 1) what speakers will you be using with the PL1 and 2) does the manual for the sub mention anything about the speaker level outputs being filtered, i.e., allowing only frequencies above a certain point, like 80 Hz, to pass through or are the outputs a full range pass through?

The answer to question 2) will determine how you connect the PL1, the sub and the main speakers.
I am using a pair of Klispch Chorus speakers. I dont have the manual but I believe they allow the full range.
So to run the Chorus full range, you'll need to run a parallel pair of speaker cables from the PL1 to the sub. By that I mean the following:
1) connect a speaker cable from the + and - terminals of the Left channel of the PL1 to the + and - binding posts of the Left Chorus speaker.
2) connect another speaker cable from the + and - terminals of the Left channel of the PL1 to the + and - spring clips of the Left input of the subwoofer.
3) repeat steps 1) and 2) for the Right channel.

There may be some practical issues in connecting two speaker cables at the PL1 and depending on the size of the cable at the spring clips of the sub.

I would try bare wire everywhere. The cable to the sub will not be carrying very much current so it can be small -- 16 gauge should be fine -- and allow you to insert it into the spring clips. Just be careful of stray strands of wire touching the other spring clip or binding post.

If you don't want to insert both cables into the "thru" slot in the binding post of the PL1, you could try a dual banana plug from Radio Shack: This assumes the binding post spacing on the PL1 is compatible.

Good luck.
Thank you for such a clear explanation. Even w/o going down to my basement, I can clearly visualize what you are saying. I will try it the first chance I get and will let you know how it went. Meanwhile...I am waiting for my PL1 to be delivered today. Was just being pro-active. Thanks again
You are welcome. It's nice that you were planning ahead.
I followed your suggestion. It worked like a champ! Thank you so much !!!