Connecting amp to vintage speakers

Looking for suggestions to connect 14 gauge speaker wire to vintage (JBL L300) speakers. The push terminal holes are too small for the speaker wire and banana plugs are much too large. Anyone with experience with this, your response is welcome. I do not want to change the original push terminals on the speakers.
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You could take Viridians good suggestion, but why not consider changing them? I don't believe that it will affect their value.

An alternative to terminating the wire with pins is to form the actual wire into a pin. Use a wire stripper like this one. First strip 1/2 to 3/4 inch of the insulation using the 14 gauge slot on the stripper. Then use the 16 gauge slot on the stripper at the same place on the wire to cut away some of the wire. You may need to open and close the stripper working it around the wire. If this isn't small enough, cut away more wire with the 18 gauge slot. Once the desired size is achieved, you could just use the bare wire, however, I usually strip an additional 1/4 inch of insulation only, twist the exposed wire slightly to form a tight uniform shape, and tin with a very small amount of solder. This has always worked well for me.
This is where Mapleshade speaker wires are terrific. They sound good and of course their small awg works without any modification. If you are not in love with the 14 gauge wire you have, that is your solution.
I love using Mapleshade with vintage gear