connecting a turntable to a Levinson preamp n.28


I want to connaect a turntable to a Mark Levinson preamp. Can I use a ordinary phono preamp or it's necessary to connect a Levinson phono card with power supply. What is your suggestion. Thanks a lot. Dominic
You can connect any ordinary cartridge preamp to any of the regular line inputs, but it seems to me that the preamp also has a input for its own phono device....You might gain one extra input if you choose this route. Nevertheless, if it an older preamp, it will be difficult to find a phono card for it.
Use an outboard pre-pre. I am using the (lovely) MC/MM phono section of my "old" preamp (16 years) at its lowest gain. This yields 0.7 Volts on the "tape out". To compensate I programmed +9 dB gain on the connected ML380S input. On the ML28 you'll have to turn up the volume for phono manually. Yet the required gain will be well within its capabilities to fully drive any power amp.