connecting a sub to Rotel Rx1050

Hey all,

TOTAL newbie here with a question about connecting a sub to my Rotel RX 1050 receiver.

I did some googling and came across this post on another forum but, nobody replied to the guy. would his methods of connecting a sub to the receiver work? which would be the best?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

post from another forum:

Since this is sticktly a 2 channel receiver for a music only system, the RX 1050 has no subout. It only has a preout/main in loop. There are 3 ways I can hook up my sub to this
1) Use preouts with 2 y-splitters, 2 cables go to sub inputs, 2 go to Main in.
2) Use preouts to sub inputs, and sub outputs to Main in. Requires 4 cables and also my sub has no high pass( whats the point).
3) speaker level connection. ( I sometimes listen without the sub, so rather have a direct connection to speakers, but I guess this would be the easiest of the 3, since i don't need to buy more cable,splitters).

So which connection would you recommend for hooking up the Rotel RX 1050?
I would just use the pre outs to the sub and leave it at that. Use the subs internal Xover to set filtering. No nee to run cables form sub out back to the receiver.
Since the 1050 has two pair of speaker terminals it would be very simple to run a second pair of speaker cables to the high-level inputs of the sub. They don't need to be as large as your main speaker cables since they're carrying just the frequency and amplitude information and very little current.

I found it easier to integrate an HSU sub using the high-level inputs rather than the low-level and that is the method HSU recommends.
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thank you all for the input. Like I said, I'm just getting started here and everything is new to me. I'm going to visit the local shop and see what they have to say. The system is going to be the Rotel Rx-1050, Rotel RCD 1072, some monitors (either B&W 685s or something comparable in that price range) and a fathom f112.

Thanks again for everyone who chimed in!
You are starting with an excellent system. My first system was almost exactly as yours: Rotel RCD-1072, Rotel RX-1050, and B&W CM4 speakers (full range, so no need for sub). Great synergy.