Connect Pre-out to Pre-amp

I just got Conrad Johnson LP260SE monoblock amplifiers.

I do not have a separate phonostage. I have an integrated denon X6400H which takes phono input. My question is can I connect the pre-outs of Denon X6400h to  Cary SLP 05 inputs or should I go directly to CJ LP260Ms.

I was originally looking at Cary SLP98 which has a phonostage and then bought SLP 05 which does not have a phonostage. I did not know that SLP05 did not have a phonostage when I bought it. Can I use the phono inputs on Denon and use preouts to connect to SLP05 (any pros or cons) or should I connect the preouts from Denon directly to the CJ LP260. 

Also need some recs for a Phonostage for the above setup.

If you only want to use the Denon phonostage you can connect the record out (provided your Denon has one) which is a fixed output bypassing much of the Denons preamp functions. Volume is only controlled by the Cary pre.
I don’t see a record out..
@kanchi647 if you are only trying to get the sound of the Denon AVR-X6400H plus the Conrad Johnson LP260SE then you need to leave the Cary SLP-05 out of the chain. But you can certainly choose to connect the AVR-X6400H pre-outs to the SLP-05 inputs instead.

You can use the Phono (MM) input jacks to connect your turntable to the Denon AVR-X6400H. You don’t need to purchase a phono stage since the AVR-X6400H has a MM phono stage built in.
Well your Denon ARV may not have a tape loop. The output of such a loop would be labeled 'record out' or 'tape out'.

Otherwise you can use the pre out. I would set the volume on the AVR to a point that it matches volume level with other sources connected to your Cary pre. 
I don't think your Denon has a fixed RCA output so use preout as suggested above.

What is your budget for a phono pre? That would be a better way to go than the Denon phono. What turntable and cartridge?