Connect Pioneer Elite AVR to Simaudio Integrated

Need to get advice from some experts here......

I currently have a Pioneer Elite VSX 92TXH as my home theater receiver powering a set of B&W 603 S3 Fronts Speakers with B&W LCR600 Centre and infinity bookshelves as rears.

I've just purchased a new Simaudio Moon i3.3 Integrated Amp with a pair of B&W 805D's. I had plans on keeping this new system as a standalone 2 channel system connected to my mac mini and eventually a CD&Phono.

Looking at the space I have or lack of I would like to maintain my HTR system but want to integrate the new Simaudio amp and 805 into the HT system.

The Elite AVR has Pre outs for speakers (via RCA) so I was going to use the pre-outs for the fronts from the Elite and connect to the analogue inputs of my simaudio connected to my 805's. I would then move my 603's and use them as rears and get rid of my infinities altogether!.

I'm still planning to use my mac mini connected directly to the built in DAC on the Simaudio for digital music....and when watching tv or a movie on my Elite AVR I am hoping to get the sound out of my new 805's through the Sim..

By right this should work.....Right?
Check your i3.3 manual, and use the "pass-through" function.
I have been looking to do the same thing with my Pioneer Elite 94TXH. I have lost interest in home theater, but I hate to give up the functionality. I would be interested in how this works out for you, including your assessment of the sound quality. Based on my research, the bypass function should work.