Connect older Bose Subwoofer to a modern AV receiver

Hi. I have a question which I hope you guys can help me with. So, I've gotten my dads old Bose Audiomass 5 series 3 subwoofer which I'm really fond of. Right now I have an old Denon amp which drives my speaker setup. I am however thinking about replacing the amp with a modern AV receiver/amp.

I've seen that most modern/new AV amps have this LFE output for subwoofers. However, the back of my subwoofer looks like this: picture . Will I still be able to drive the subwoofer with a newer Amp, by just providing it with the Left and Right speaker outputs or will I be "missing out" on something by not using the LFE output?

I really have no clue about this and also couldn't really find anything. Any help is greatly appreciated :)


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