CONNECT internet music souce to hi-end

I have just finished my cost no object listening room, and set up my main 2-channel system. I finally decided to buy a tuner again (MR88), because I wanted to listen to our local smooth jazz station in the room. TWO FRICKIN WEEKS, then format change! NO more jazz in the area.

I was introduced to "Pandora" on the internet, and think its a great idea.

But, how do I get High Quality connection to my main stereo?

Internet provider is Roadrunner/Time Warner cable.

My tuner is the McIntosh MR88, and my pre-amp has single end connectors and balanced inputs.

Can I hard wire? Is that the best connection?
Do you have a digital source? Do you have a DAC? If you have a DAC, and can get internet into your listening room (wirelessly or via CAT5), you can get a squeezebox device and stream whatever radio stations you like (and Pandora). The Squeezebox Touch is a new product that is supposed to have a good built in DAC - I'm sure it's fine for streaming internet radio (in fact that may be true for all their internal DACs - it's just if you want to stream 16/44 CD quality or better that you may need a better DAC.
If you want to hard-wire, get a USB-DAC to connect the output of the computer to the Mac. I use a HRT in my office for this purpose.

Squeezebox Touch is the first choice for wireless.

Either way, the quality limitation will be the streaming source, not the hardware.

If you want to continue to use your tuner you can get a Whole House fm transmitter and connect it to the audio out on your computer or go from your computer to a DAC to the fm transmitter. I have had one for a few months and it works great. However as Kal said the limitation is the streaming source so it won't sound as good as a quality uncompressed fm signal.

I never looked into a stand alone DAC. My player is a Moon Andromeda. Any recommendations?

Are all computer signals "compressed"?

Kal: Can you be more specific? Model #'s, and where on the tuner do I hook into? What is HRT?

Thanks for all of your input.
The player is irrelevant here as we are only speaking of a USB source from your PC. And here, I would definitely not go from PC to DAC to any transmitter, FM or otherwise. If you need to go wireless, use the Squeezebox Touch (which I am planning to do) or transmit the USB and convert at the music system.

The computer signals vary widely depending on the source. Some are terrible and some can be beautifully lossless. It is your burden to find what works for you.

Here's a review of one of the HRTs:

Pandora is fantastic. I have about forty different "stations" programmed in and they play a great variety. I personally use a Sonos ZP-90 and have a dedicated 1TB NAS drive supplying AIFF files to it as well. I even use my iPhone as the remote. (careful if you have friends close by that you let get on your wi-fi when they visit. One of my buddies stands outside my door every now and then and puts on rap while I'm trying to listen to Muddy Waters. Not cool. But its his way of knocking on my door ;-) ... Moving on. While it sounds decent, it isn't outstanding. I'm sending my ZP-90 in for the $550 Cullen mod and I'm going for either a W4S DAC or a PS Audio Digital Link DAC iii w/ Cullen mod as well and I'm quite sure for that $2k I can get very close or better than some high end CDPs.

I do see a lot of good reviews for the HRT. However, you mentioned "cost no object". I can't say stay away from it as I have not auditioned it but the same reviews I've found for it simply say it's a great dac for the price. So that right there didn't sell me on it. Might work for you. If it does, great! If not, step it up a bit.
I don't know if anyone mentioned that Pandora has a 192kb option. I belive the price is 36.00 per year for the high fidelity service. There are also no interruptions or commercials. I find the quality very decent.I use a high defnition audio card, spdif cable to a DAC, then to my amp. It sounds almost as good as my CD.
Pandora is fantastic. I have about forty different "stations" programmed in and they play a great variety.
It seems to suck for classical as it only plays chunks (movements, arias, etc.) and not whole pieces of music.

However, you mentioned "cost no object".
If someone did, there are more recommendations such as the Ayre QB-9:

Kal.. you are absolutely correct. But I have no expreience with that equipment so I'm limited to what I can say. And again you are correct about the classical part. But I rarely stream classical. I stream things that don't really make much of a difference whether it be hi-fi or mid-fi. When it comes to the things that count I put the cd in. If I don't have the cd then I buy it.

Gjgunther... I did not know about the 192kb option. I'm going to look into that. Thanks for the tip. Oh, btw... you mentioned a sound card. I'm not familiar with this whole sound card business. Is it an external deal or a mod you performed? I'm looking into that Cullen mod. But if there is another option then I'd like to at least research it. Let me know.