Connect banana jumpers to locking banana speaker cables?

Hi everyone! I am in the market for speaker jumper cables, and have a question regarding my connection options? My speaker cables are single runs with locking Furutech banana plugs. The Furutech's will accept another banana plug into the back of them, but I am unsure as to if the quality of the connection would be the same as using a spade - spade or spade - banana jumper? Has anyone tried this?

My reason for asking is that I am constantly finding some great deals on jumper cables in the used market, they however seem to be the wrong configuration, such as banana - banana or directional banana - spade.

Thanks in advance to any thoughts that you could provide on the subject.

Thank you for your response. I had previously read that topic, and had decided that I would like to try jumpers for myself, and see if I experienced a sonic difference. I'm just trying to figure out if I would experience some form of sonic degradation if I plugged a banana jumper into the back of the locking banana plug of my cables, versus connecting the jumpers directly to the binding posts? My mind tells me that as long as I have a solid connection, there should be no sonic degradation?
I found out that the best sound is when the banana plug from the amp are connected to the upper bi-wire input  of the speakers and the banana plugs of the Tellurium links are connected to the lower bi-wires of the speakers. 
I'm sorry if I'm not getting this, but all that link is showing me is the performance profiles of their different lines of jumpers. I'm just trying to figure out if I can plug a banana jumper into the back of my Furutech banana, or do I have to resort to using spades on the posts that my cables connect to? I do really appreciate you time and input.
as long as you  have a solid connection, there should be no sonic degradation.
Thank you for your help! It definitely opens up options knowing that I can use banana's or spade's on the cable end. As with your system, I currently feel that mine sounds best when the cables are connected to the upper posts as well.
As I have posted before - Proac for example have told me it makes no difference what post the amp is connected to then jumpers to the others. I have not tested that as my brain says lower first, but I do not know definitively.

I plug the + speaker cable from my amp into the + on the bottom set  of binding posts, and the - from the amp into the - on the top set of binding posts on my speakers, all spades.
Jumpers are bananas just jumping top to bottom.

As long as your connections are secure, there should be no sonic degradation. Locking bananas hold pretty well. Though not as secure as spades, they should be secure enough if they are locking bananas.
Thanks for the help everyone. I've been in contact with my cable manufacturer, and am probably have a set of jumpers made that mirror my cables. Since I'm going this route, I'll most likely have them terminated with spades.
Good luck !
Please keep us posted .
Spades on the jumpers would provide a solid connection to the binding posts. More so than plugging a banana into the back of another banana.
Thanks for your thoughts lowrider57. I ended up ordering spades instead of stacking banana's.