Connect 78 rpm turntable to Vinnie Rossi L2i SE amp?

Hi, this is a very niche question and I'm wondering if anyone has advice: my wife, a filmmaker, needs to play some old 78 rpm records in order to decide which to digitize for a new project. The audio system is great -- built around a Vinnie Rossi L2i SE integrated amp -- but the setup is digital only and lacks a phono stage. The Vinnie Rossi stage costs $3500 and is supposed to be great but way out of her budget.  I know we could opt for one of those suitcase record players from our childhoods but I'm hoping for a solution that's better quality and ideally can be run thru the audio system.  I should add that I know nothing about turntables, so please be gentle! 


@yogiboy : I think it was the Sentec EQ11 reviewed in the October 2014 Stereophile that caught my attention. Thanks for posting Herb Reichert’s review of the Sunvalley 1616D! That is one tasty tube preamp! Herb also mentioned he had a modded Dynaco PAS-3X and liked it. I have one too! Mine is the DKL Labs version from the late 70’s.

The OP should consider getting the Sentec EQ11 if he/she is serious about collecting and archiving 78’s. I still favor the Dual 1214 over the Pioneer for sonics - and it's half the price!

@ jasonbourne71

I doubt that the OP ( a self- admitted novice ) wants a used 50 year old turntable from Ebay.

Thank you all very much for your suggestions!  I myself don't have the skills to rehab an old turntable and don't have the budget to buy something like the Sentec new. The Dual 1214, if in good working condition, and the Grado both seem to be good ideas and definitely in budget.  Alternately, is there anyone in NYC or Dutchess County who would be willing to help put something together for a fee? 

For the transfers, she will definitely hire a pro to do them. If the records are great -- they are old family records, some possibly rare -- and we want to listen to them for fun, then we''ll definitely consider higher end alternatives. 

I will look more closely at various suggestions over the weekend.  Thank you again!