Connect 78 rpm turntable to Vinnie Rossi L2i SE amp?

Hi, this is a very niche question and I'm wondering if anyone has advice: my wife, a filmmaker, needs to play some old 78 rpm records in order to decide which to digitize for a new project. The audio system is great -- built around a Vinnie Rossi L2i SE integrated amp -- but the setup is digital only and lacks a phono stage. The Vinnie Rossi stage costs $3500 and is supposed to be great but way out of her budget.  I know we could opt for one of those suitcase record players from our childhoods but I'm hoping for a solution that's better quality and ideally can be run thru the audio system.  I should add that I know nothing about turntables, so please be gentle! 


You plug in the RCA cables from the table to the RCA inputs to the amp. Since that table has a phono stage you will not need to do anything else!

@yogiboy : what about phono equalization? 78's used a variety of different EQ curves! I wish I could remember the name of the phono stage with selectible EQ curves discussed in that Stereophile article! A modern era RIAA curve would be far from optimal for 78's.

That Pioneer TT with phono stage only has the modern RIAA equalization curve. A poor choice for optimal 78 playback!

If your wife is going to have a PRO service do the transfers (and not you) then just buy a cheap "new" all-in-one player that will allow her to listen/sample the music (if it's not already available online).