Congratulations (yet again!) to Duke!!

Just saw the Robert E. Greene 2021 Golden Ear Awards for the AudioKinesis Swarm Subwoofer System!

Very well deserved!
Yes indeed very well deserved. This subwoofer system is so good it goes beyond providing merely "better bass" like you would get with "a sub". It really is transformative. But maybe even better is that it is one of the few things where you can get true state of the art performance for only around $3k! Very well deserved indeed!

Somewhat delayed - my congratulations also, as owner of the Dream Maker speakers developed by Duke, and the LCS effect speakers, developed by Duke and his partner James Romeyn. Very good value indeed. Audiokinesis is now maybe the leading company taking the room into account, playing "with" the room, regarding distributed bass as well as reverberant energy.