Confusion re Esoteric X-01 Limited and X-01D2

Does anyone know the differences between the Esoteric X-01 Limited and the recently-released Esoteric X-01D2? The information may be there on the Teac website but I'm afraid I can't read Japanese.
ESOTERIC, a division of TEAC America, is now shipping the company’s new audiophile disc player model X-01D2. The X-01D2 is the top end of the highly acclaimed “X” series which includes the “X-01 and X-01 Limited” audio players and the “UX-1 Limited” audio/video player. The newly designed unit includes a refined version of the VRDS-NEO (Vibration free rigid disc clamping system), and the disc tracking sled assembly from Esoteric’s P-03 disc transport.
The multi-bit D/A converter includes a dual differential implementation for complete left and right channel separation. As in the X-01 and X-01 Limited, four DACs per channel are used (Burr-Brown 1704 x 8), and each set of four is configured on separate left and right circuit boards.

In addition to multi-bit D/A technology, the “D2” version includes native direct stream digital (DSD) decoding using 1 bit signal processing converter chips (Analog Devices AD1955), and allows optional PCM to DSD signal conversion capability. This technology evolves from Esoteric’s separate components used in the P-03/D-03 playback system.

A new disc tray shutter mechanism has been included on the D2 for reduction of external noise and airborne contaminants. Other features include WORD clock input, i.LINK terminal with flow rate control, digital and analog multi-channel audio output, “Nextgen” RCA terminals, dedicated unbalanced and balanced audio outputs for 2 channel playback, a coreless spindle motor and Esoteric’s neodymium magnet system.
Unlike most CD/SACD players, the use of VRDS-NEO, combined with Esoteric’s proprietary disc tracking assembly, eliminates off axis error-correction because no off axis data retrieval is allowed. The X-01D2 represents Esoteric’s finest single chassis component developed to date. The X-01D2 is available now through Esoteric’s dealer network at a MSRP of $16,000.
Interesting. . . I am looking forward to reading about sonic differences between X-01 Ltd. and X-01 D2.
A question please.
For European folks the x01 limited or X01D2 have a universal voltage or not?. I have tried to understand it from Esoteric's web site but with no results. I suppose not.
If not, they can be easily converted to 220-240 volts or this operation has to be done by a Esoteric's technician?
Many thanks
Piero from Italy
Has anyone had a chance to do a proper listening evaluation of the X-01D2 up against the recently-released P-05/D-05 combination?
I have not compared the two in listening but think very highly of the D2 which I know well. I spoke with Neil at Esoteric tech support last week asking the same question about a comparison. His comment was that the D2 has better dacs and a better transport than the new P-05/D-05.FWIW.
First, the Esoteric units can be converted from, say, 110 to 230 volt-operation, probably not only from Esoteric technicians, but from other ones, too. Another issue, however, is that Esoteric services only units which have been bought in the respective country. So bringing over a unit from the US or Asia to Europe carries a high risk of not being able to service or upgrade the unit later.

As far as the X-01 D2 in comparison to the P-05/D-05 combination is concerned: I have not compared the two, but called the German Esoteric-headquarters. They told me they had just done this comparison and found the D2 to sound slightly superior to the combo, offering better defined bass and a little better soundstaging.
Florian Hassel
Thanks for the replies. I did find online one short comparison piece (which appears to support the statements above regarding the superiority of the X-01D2) but unfortunately it's written in Japanese and the online translation tools make it hard to decipher.
I wonder if the differences between the D2 and P5D5 has more to do with the inferior transport versus the dacs? I personally believe the transports can have a huge impact on the sound. This is why I got the P3 transport instead of the P5 transport. It would be interesting to ask Teac if they have compared the P3D5 combo versus the D2. That being said, I would have probably got the D2 but I wanted to also use the DAC as an input for the digital music server.

Before I got my P3D5 I did own the X-03se which is of course several steps down from the D2. The P3 uses the same transport as the X03se. I found the P3D5 to be much better at separation than the X-03se. I also heard more detail.
Digital is always moving forward with better dac's/other components, enginering etc. I haven't really compared the new units to the older one's but I'm sure they sound better.
However I would like to note that the new versions of the VRDS transports are not as good as the one's they replace. In an effort to reduce manufacturing costs, the new units are made of cheaper components. The transports in the X-O1 and UX-1 are too expensive to manufacture and thus we have the new "improved" models. Despite that I still think they're the best on the market.
FrankG, what transports for which models exactly are you comparing?
frankg, I have heard the same thing. The VRDS NEO in its various incarnation is inferior at least from the materials point of view to the original VRDS used in the X-01. Now, whether or not this makes a difference is another matter. I believe this is why APL chooses to use the X-01 as its foundation for its line of cdps. The transport used on the new P-05 is definitely inferior. I believe it uses some sort of ABS plastic as well as other cost saving measures.
yes, but is the comparison meaningful? Doesn't X-01 D2 cost a little more than twice the X-05? More interestingly, what is the sonic difference between the X-05 and the X-01 D2? G.
Great question Guido. I feel the same way. I guess the sonic differences will also be due to the other quality parts in the D2. Whether or not these differences are worth double the price is really up to the individual.