Confusion on Toslink

I've been reading up a bit on Toslink. There seems to be the inherant advantage of ground isolation, but some possible sonic drawbacks. Most of the articles I've read are a bit dated. So, here are my questions:
1) has the quality of Toslink cables and the sending and receiving circuits improved for audio?
2) Is glass still considered generally better than the synthetic cables? I see reputable manufacturers using synthetics but glass cables that are cheaper. Are some manufacturers perfering synthetics for sonic reasons?
3) Any recommendations for Toslink cables in the up to $200 range?

Of course, listening is everything. I'm just tryig to see if I'm in the right ballpark. Thanks
Pgambon: I have utilized a 30' run of Toslink from my Mac Pro to the Processor and could not tell any difference between it and the same length of SPDIF digital cable. Only after installing an M2Tech Hiface did the SPDIF sound better (way better).

My Toslink was synthetic and came from Lifatec - there website was informative to me.

Glass Toslink are cheaper because the are used in medical fields. More are made. I bought some excellent ones from a medical supply. 20ft for $30. I boughht six.
Glass is superior to plastic.
The arguement over which is better is pure theoretical dreaming. For individual app you have to try and see if it makes a difference for you in your situatiuon. All the theory in the world does not mean a thing.
I use Toslink, AND coaxial, AND AES/EBU, AND Denonlink.
I haven't used or tested a lot of LONG toslink cables, but I have used and tested several toslink cables in the 3-6 foot range. I have found that most toslink cables sound very similar with only a subtle difference (if any). With that said, I do consistently prefer the sound of glass and really like the VanDenHul glass toslink cable.

When it comes to using a computer as a music source, I have found that glass toslink is extremely good, and usually prefer it over USB and coaxial. I have used different DACs, cables and connections for several years, and the toslink just seems to consistently sound good.

I use a MacBook Pro and iMac as my source, and have a few different DACs (not all accept toslink). I have found that the Mac/Naim DAC to be a wonderful solution and use the VanDenHul glass toslink.

Hope this helps....
I am also a Van Den Hul Optocoupler user. One for my Blu-ray player and one for my HDSat receiver. I've gone back and forth between the VdH and numerous SPDIF cables, and by a small margin always seem to prefer the toslink.
I tried multiple Toslink plastics before I bought both a Optocoupler MKII and a Wireworld- both glass. The difference was like switching components for me. Both the VanDenHul and the Wireworld sound great. The plastic- even the good ones, are closed in and unrevealing to my ears.