confusion about the aragon 28k pre amp

I've been out of audio equipment for 20 years now, so this may sound like a dumb question. I recently got back into stereos and purchased a set of klipschorns and a crown powerline4 amp and I'm considering an aragon 28k or an acurus rl-11, but from looking at the pictures I dont see a bass or treble adjustments, do these preamps require the use of an equalizer?
i feel your pain,now days high end manufacturers & most audiophiles believe that the use of tone controls just get in the way of the signal path & does not help the music,adjusting tone is now done by changing exotic cables & speaker wires instead of a simple set of controls.

most modern preamps do not have tone controls, i will never understand that theory but to each his own.

there are still a few manufacturers that use tone controls in their new gear but you will have many more choices buying used gear,make sure that if your not clear about weather or not a pre has tone to ask the seller.
The Aragon does not have tone controls. Most pre-amps will not have them. Many audiophools believe that they degrade the signal, since every connection is a loss of signal.

I have never had a pre-amp with tone controls. The last thing I owned with tone controls was a cheap Sherwood receiver.
Any recommendations on a preamp with tone controls that can be operated with a remote and I can pick up used for under $500.00
well,under $500 for any pre is an extremely tight budget not to mention needing specific options like tone controls & a remote really limits your options.

for $1,000 or a little less there are a bunch with remote & tone but for $500 im drawing a blank , in that price range if you were to find one you may just be buying the unit on price alone & you might not end up with a pre that works well with your khorns.
Try Adcom,Parasound.
I recently bought an NAD C162 (retail 599.00.) This is a separate preamp w/tone controls, and it is very flexible and good sounding. It also has a remote.
I think the solid state qusd (909?) can be hsd for that price. It has the quad "tilt" and is a an excellent performer evn for its new price(golden ear award for what it worth in 2002)
The parasound halo looks like a nice preamp, I mostly listen to rock and country, I can afford more I just would like to keep the cost down. I appreciate everyones input.
If you have Klipschhorns you need a quiet preamp more than anything. With a sensitivity of 104 dB, any noise will be revealed by the speakers. I have K-horns too and I'm looking for a new preamp in order to get less noise. At the moment I have a Linn Kolektor preamp that has all the features one would like (10 inputs incl. phono, tone controls, remote, etc.) at a fair price (around $1000), but there is a constant noise floor that is clearly audible at the listening position. The noise floor of the Kolektor was not a problem when I had inefficient Infinity Kappa 90 speakers (88 dB). I've been recommended a few quiet preamps, but most of them are quite expensive (Mark Levinson, Boulder, Halcro, Classé, Accustic Arts, Accuphase, McIntosh). Accuphase preamps have tone controls (and much more), but they cost an arm and a leg. McIntosh C45 and C46 are a bit cheaper ($3600 and $4600) and they have tone controls. I've been recommended a couple of mid-priced quiet preamps as well: Bel Canto Pre2 ($2500) and BVaudio P10 ($1800). They don't have tone controls, but they should be quiet according to the specs. The Aragon 28k you mentioned looks quiet according to specs too. The Parasound Halo P3 has tone controls, but it's not very quiet according to specs (and reviews at According to specs, the Anthem TLP1 preamp+tuner should be quiet, but you never now. It's fairly cheap ($800) and has tone controls. The Rotel RC-1070 has a "contour" control but it's not quiet enough according to specs. I have not tested any of the equipment mentioned here, so I don't really know... As for tone controls, I have them but I never use them. I'd go for a quiet preamp. Whatever you choose, please let us know. Good luck.
My needs just got put on hold for a bit someone pulled out in front of us this morning and we t-boned them doing 35 mph and destroyed my wifes suv, thank god we were driving an suv and luckily no one was in the passenger seat of the other car, we only have back and neck pain, but should be fine. I have a few months to decide what to go with, I'm building a new house that will fit k-horns and it probably wont be complete til june. I'm new to audiogon and appreciate the advice, you guys have given me some great advice and lots of new preamp prospects. Thanks. Norm
If you want quiet and a low budget yet decent sounding, try to find one of the older Yamaha pre-amps like the C-80.
Buy the Aragon, use it for awhile. If you decide you need to adjust the sound, buy an equalizer and plug it into a tape loop, or between the preamp and amp.