My son is after me to buy the oppo BDP-95 so he can stream some lossless flac files and listen to SACD. I have an old spectral dma90 amp, 805 matrix speakers , and a spectral pre with a phono stage and a Merrill heirloom. Can we "hear' these files on a two channel system? Won't the sound just be down-converted? are high res and multichannel files the same? I need help before spending almost 1k on this for him
wait for the oppo 103 and oppo 105 which should be out about now. Same price as the 93 & 95 with more features.
but can i play these hirez files on the oppo on a stereo system? I don't understand "the file setup". I don't understand the difference between lossless file and hi rez is as far as playing them on a stereo system such as mine. If a hi rez file is a multi channel file, what good will it do to play it on only two speakers? That's basically what I am asking

I think perhaps both you and your son might be confused about this acquisition. Your son wants you to buy an Oppo? And do you actually want an Oppo? If so, then for starters I'd think the discussion could be about how he should consider buying the Oppo for you as a present and then you might graciously allow him to listen to it now and then. Just sayin'...
could anyone point me to a resource that will help me with the questions I have concerning the files?


"could anyone point me to a resource that will help me with the questions I have concerning the files?"

I don't know if I am actually helping you by giving you this website. is the address. If you are looking for technical info regarding anything computer audio related, you will definately be able to find what you need. There's tons of stuff on Oppo.

Be warned. A good portion of the people on this website are absolutely crazy. I've never seen more negative, arrogant, jackass stupid people when it comes to audio. You just have to see it to believe it. In short, there is a war between people who are on the subjective side of things vs people that are objective. It sounds innocent enough but its very easy to get sucked into this whole mess and not realize it. I mention this because they take people who have a good attitude and enjoy this hobby and try to wreck audio for them.

Its a good resource for technical and factual info. But when it comes to getting info on things like setup and equipment selection, you're in the wrong place.

I know my post here may sound very odd to many people, but like I said before, you have to see it to believe it.
Mike, Audiogon is is a great site for analog info and digital too up to a point.

If I have questions on a something that falls into the HT catagory too, I go to AVS forum.

I have no connection, just a user.

Start here, and yeah the threads can get insanely long.

Good luck.
Hi Mike
Yes, you can hear hi-res files from your stereo system, given that you plug your usb drive to the oppo (and i think that with the new ones even your computer). The Oppo will do the conversion to analog and send the signal (thru its analog stereo outputs, either balanced or RCAs) to your pre. You will be hearing hi-res in stereo, and obviously not in multichannel mode. The same with SACD discs. The Oppo will play them in stereo. Anyway, as others recommend here, you will find a lot of info in the thread for the new oppos at the avs forum. And there people are really friendly and knowledgeable. Now there is a big discussion with beta testers about the virtues, weaknesses and features of those players. Hope this helps
Yes, you CAN listen to those formats, via the BDP-95. Read the portion of this spec sheet, regarding, "SACD" & "Additional Disc & Media Formats": ( For FLAC; just load the files on a USB drive, and plug it into the port on the '95'. The unit also provides for Ethernet connectivity(RJ45 port).
thanks all. I now have a little better idea

off to a couple of sites
thanks again