Confused State of affairs: CD player

Strange that I am caught up in this quandary in this digital streaming age. I currently have an Oppo BDP-95 as my CD player and Blue-Ray video player. It plays through a coax connect to my Auralic Vega G2 DAC with a HDMI connect to my TV with HDMI audio off. The sound seems good through my B&W 800D3 with McIntosh C1100 pre-Amp/ MC1.25KW mono blocks. So I don’t use the Oppo DAC in the current set-up.

I visited the McIntosh dealer today and really liked the MCD600 playing on his set-up. Question to the group here:

Should I be looking to upgrade my Music CD player from the Oppo?
If yes, should I be looking at a transport MCT500 and let the Auralic Vega G2 (DAC) play on like the set-up with the Oppo. This will remove any possibility of playing a SACD through the set-up as the MCT500 (like the Oppo) does not pass on the DSD quality through its coax.
Or should I go in with the MCD600 which has a built-in DAC and connect it to my C1100 and then retain the option of playing a SACD?

Price difference between the options is $2,500 between the MCT500 and MCD600 as I end up having two high quality DACs in my system (3 if I count the Oppo which I will have to retain due to Blue-Ray video).

I do not have the option to demo either of the MCT500 or MCD600 against the Oppo to compare and I listen to CD music around 2 hours a week, so not too much and not too little.

I want to have the best sounding music from my system, so quality comes before any other consideration. Happy to hear views from people who might have heard through any of the above combos.

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I demoed the Esoteric Grandioso K1 and that CD/ SACD player trumps all other players and the Auralic digital stack hands down. The CDs sound so much more fuller than the streaming songs. No comparison at all.

I moved to the Auralic stack from my earlier MacBook source/ Classe SSP-800 DAC. The improvement was dramatic. I first installed the Aries G2, then the Vega G2 and then the Leo GX. The main difference was the detailing on using the Aries & Vega. The Leo made a big difference in the soundstage. The music sounds much larger and you hear far more details.

I would truly recommend you to also add an audiophile CD/ SACD player and hear music through that once in a while. It's awesome. 
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Given the rest of your system why don't you buy the Esoteric Grandioso K1 and be done with it.  Are you going to be happy with the MCD600 considering you can't "unhear" the Esoteric transport? 
I appreciate discovering the absolute best source or front end because it is so vital in the playback chain.  And, your recommendation...
However, my quest to be entirely satisfied (when is an audiophile completely satisfied?) with streaming.  I have a lot of discs, but not a lot of desire to feed a tray (probably why I gave up vinyl as well). Streaming is getting so good, and with both Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions, the libraries are almost bottomless.  My system is at the point of resolve that a cable can make as much or more of an improvement than a new component. I am really keen on your experience with Auralic.  My Aries G2 was more than a significant upgrade.  Auralic is producing groundbreaking gear -in my estimation- which is quite a feat for any company.  My dilemma is either go with a full G2/Gx stack or wait for the PS Audio TSS dac.  I have a lot of respect for PS Audio and Ted Smith and their ability to get digital right. 
I bought the Esoteric Grandioso K1 yesterday. There is no competing product to that player. So I am done with it.

The Auralic stack is really very good and I would but the stack all over again if I had too. Looks beautiful and plays superbly. Go for it!
Congratulations!  Enjoy, I'm sure it sounds fantastic. Seems like the Leo GX will be the foundational piece (and most expensive) with upgrades to G3, G4 etc..  One thing PS Audio does that is super cool is update the FPGA with new software updates crafted by Ted Smith. On the fence for that reason.  I have been through enough of these free upgrades to understand it's not just hardware but programming that drives sonic performance.  On the other hand, Auralic with their solid billet chassis...