Confused on tube types. Can someone help me out?

My amplified needs a tube that is 12AU7 compatible. Is the SIEMENS CCA a 12au7 tube? I can't find any information.

If it isn't 12au7, than what is it? Someone please help me.
The "CCA" designation is a 6922 (6DJ8, 7308) type tube. NO you can't use it.

My favorite 12AU7 is a Mullard CV4003:

Of course, there are many options.
By saying "12AU7 compatible" it could mean a ECC82 tube which is the same tube as 12AU7 but manufactured in Europe. Also it could mean a nearly identical tube such as a 5963, or CV491, CV4003 and 5814 (military grade).
The following is off of the Brent Jessie web site.  Hang on to it, it is scarce.  There is a lot of equipment that use the 7308 / 6DJ8 / 6922 type tube
Whew, these babies are so scarce there isn't even much info out there about them! Mentioned by audiophiles, usually in a reverent whisper, these gold pinned gems are about as good is it gets in 6DJ8-land. Matched triode sections, low noise screening, 10,000 hr. heater life expectancy, carefully controlled frame grid winding, low microphonics......the list goes on and on. This is regarded as one of the most detailed and three-dimensional sounding tube ever made in this family of tubes. Most of what is available is Siemens or Telefunken made, although there are a few very rare examples of Philips or Amperex Holland made out there. Since this was a tube made specifically for the German goverment and military, all that I have seen carry a German brand label, even those made in Holland. Even rarer are the Holland made Cca tubes with the pinched waist indented glass midsections, said to be the most sonically "3D" tube ever made, of any type. Finding these is akin to finding a 1795 gold piece in your attic! I don't believe there were any of these Cca tubes made in the USA. Awesome audiophile tubes! Yes, they are costly, but like most top flight NOS audio tubes, you get what you pay for. These Cca tubes will give you more improvement in sound than upgrades like expensive speaker cables that can cost 5 times as much as a pair of Cca tubes!
I swapped a ECC82 with a 12BH7A with good results.