Confused on cable, interconnects and ac cord?

Well, I am on a budget however I am looking for well rounded options instead of making purchasing mistakes in which I already have. I purchase a set of DNM cables and Interconnects not too long ago for almost $300 not much buy audiophile standards however I was and I am still on a budget, to say the least I am not happy with my purchase do to the fact that my sorround sound speaker cables which are Acoustic Research blow the DNM cables out of the water. I will not be using the Acoustic Research on my current tube system that consist of Shanling STP 80 amp and T-200 SACD and a pair of Von Schweikert VR2's speakers.

Since I am on a budget and I have spent already about $7k on my system and I have some construction project in my property I cant overspend on good quality cables atleast not at the moment. Currently looking into DH Labs, Signal Cable and YES Zebra Cables and My overal budget for the cables is at around $500 to $600 and thats for everything!

I am new to the tube world and basically I dont even want to look back on solid state so I need all the help that I can get for some good quality advise and not hype overpriced cable market.

Thanks for your assistance! Robert (Chicago)
As far as budget speaker cables go, I'd suggest you at least give anti-cables a try. They have speaker cables and ic's. You can return them within 30 days if they aren't to your liking. The price is right and the price to performance ratio is great. Send them back if you don't like them and try something else. Check the Audiogon review on anti-ic's. I've also tried Signal Cable and while they are decent budget cables, you can do better imho, including their magic power cord. For a power cord I would look at a Supra Lo Rad, new for about $80 and nice.
I think one of the best bangs for the buck (both speaker and IC's) is (used) Straightwire Maestro (or Maestro II, they're basically the same). It's a classic neutral cable that used to be top of the line; and it's still in production. Doesn't (anymore) have the hyper-detail of some of the megabuck stuff (like Purist, Transparent Reference, etc, etc) but you can't go there right now anyway.

And if/when you get ready to upgrade, you will have no trouble getting your money out of them. My experience is broad, but by no means infinite, and other people may feel the same way about a different product. But Maestro is one that I feel has held its performance position for a long time.
I would highly recommended you look into either Kimber 4VS (Double-run if you'd like to bi-wire) or Linn K-400. Both are superb sounding and exc. values. Termination is very important. Bare wire sounds the best but I terminate these wires via Tributaries bananas connectors on the amp end. The Linn sounds more neutral. Great bass and treble. The 4VS sounds a little warmer. As far as IC's goes, Straightwire "Rhaspsody II" are very, very good sounding. I think these IC's and the 4VS would make an exc. sounding combination to warm up your system and stay well within your budget. (As far as AC cords, Belden shielded 14ga. wire w/either Marinco or Wattgate ends is exc. sounding and affordable. DIY, under $50 for a 6' cord.) Bill
I would look at Audience Au24's used for IC's and speaker wire. Great value, excellent sound and reputation. Also good resale value if purchased used. If you read the reviews on them, you'll be impressed, but even more so once you hear them in your system. Very neutral, fast and revealing - lets the music come through very well. Also very easy to work with.