Confused: Eggleston Rosa Vs Mezzo

I currently use an Ayre V3 and K3x, and Proac D15. Now that I'm choosing between the Eggleston ROSA and te JM Lab's Mezzo in the used equipment market, which one will match my pre/amp combo better? I've briefly heard these in various occasions (not together) and believe they should satify me for the next few years.

The Rosas might want more power than the V3 delivers, but I think both speakers would work okay with your electronics.
Drubin ,Would you have any first hand experience with either speaker? Call it buyer's dissonance, I hope there are more people who can comments on ROSA as there seemed to be more owners and trading of Mezzo then ROSA.. I may never know why....

Not really, except that I spent a lot of time listening to the Rosa's several years ago at the Chicago HE show (I loved them). My comment was based on my impressions only, which include that the Egglestonworks speakers like a goodly amount of power, and that JM Labs speakers lean to the more efficient side. I may be wrong.

A lot fewer Eworks speakers out there than JM labs, but that doesn't necessarily reflect relative quality of product.
Drubin, by saying "A lot fewer Eworks speakers out there than JM labs, but that doesn't necessarily reflect relative quality of product." are you saying Eworks are generally better or worse than JM Labs? Emphasizing 'generally', that is...

just asking.. and thanks for sharing.

No, just saying that market success doesn't necessarily correlate with product quality. Only you can decide which is the better product for you.
I have heard both speakers for a long time and finally decided The Rosa. I have the Rosa for more than 3 years and still love the sound of it. In my point the tweeter on the Eggleston Rosa is the best out there right now on the market, Dyn audio stop selling them due to the prices so high. The second generation of this Esotar not close to the first one. I have owned Wilson and Voce Divina both use the same tweeter of JM labs speakers and by far the Esotar I is best: airy,strong and very close to real sound.Meantime I am using Jeff Rowland Model 12 with the Rosa and the sound is very musical...I not gonna compare these sound to tubes amp as many people out there likely so. I just want to compare to real music instruments. You might look for amp that rated class A so it can handle the Rosa well. I have seen lately many Threshold SA models amp. on Audiogon for the money and quality, I think it the best. Good luck and enjoy music.