Confused and unsure about upgrading my speakers.

I guess there are two general thought about how to spend your money on your system. One is to spend the larger % on your speakers. The other is to spend the more money on electronics.
At least something like that.

Anyway, I am happy with my system. Which currently consists of: DK Designs MKII VS1 amp. Stello DA220 MKII DAC.
Cambridge Audio 640C V2. Philips 963 SACD/DVD player. Revel Concerta F12 speakers.

For some reason (probably budgetry constraints), I have always gravitated towards speakers that are very good value.

But as you can see, I seem to have spent a larger amount of money on the Amp and the DAC. Event though I got them at a reduced price they are still more then what I paid for my speakers.

So I keep thinking, should I upgrade my speakers to something more in line price wise with the rest of my system? But if so, what can I gain considering that according to the press the F12s are overachievers. Off course everyone has their opinions and some people won't like the F12s but generally they are considered to be a very good value.

So I guess the question is really how much would I have to spend to make an improvment? Off course I have to go and listen myself and decide myself. I understand that. So I guess I am just looking for some general answers and words of wisdom.

My local dealer has suggested I come and listen to the Magneplaners 1.6. I sometimes think the Paradigm Studio 100 might be the way to go. I haven't listened to them yet so I don't really no yet. Both of these would be in the $2000-$2500 range for me locally. Or should I be saving more and spend up to $4K-$5K on something really better.

I am just very unsure and confused as how to approach this problem and where the greater gain is to be made. Also just where do speakers that are very good value fit into audio.

I will appreciate any wisdom you can provide from your experiences.

Oh, I also listen to mostly classical (Both European and Indian). Also a lot of Jazz. Some new age stuff like Jean Michel Jarre and Asian Underground or what ever they call it like D J Cheb etc.


-- Sanjay
Start visiting dealers at a leisurely pace, just to acquaint yourself with what is out there. Also, your friends, other A'goners, anybody who'd let you listen to their speakers.

Avoid all stress of thinking that this is to buy your next speakers: be like a wandering tourist rather than a home buyer. :) In particular, also listen to speakers way above and below your price range, and attend live concerts too. Listening to very expensive speakers as well as live music will help you recognize an exceptional affordable speaker when you chance upon it.

If out of this experience something stands out as an exceptional buy for your taste, get it. Otherwise keep enjoying the process.
From the way many of us approach the hobby, if often seems like the whole point is to spend money rather than enjoying the systems we build. It is possible for you to improve your system but it will take time to really dig and discover what that really means. It may take a little or a lot more money depending on where you need or want to get in the end. It might be speakers and it might not. Worry less about the spending balance of your system and focus on the areas where you hope to improve.
Thanks for all the feedback. I am not in a hurry to upgrade just yet. (I don't have the money. :) ).
But your responses have still put my mind more at ease.
You are correct, I am not even really sure what it is that I want at the moment. I was just a bit confused about the money balance as Maineiac put it.

So I will spend a year, save up some money, and try to listen to some speakers over that time and figure out what it is I want out of my system.


-- Sanjay
Here's a good rule of thumb, don't follow rules of thumb. Follow your ears instead, at least in this hobby.

You seem to have put musical enjoyment first and ended up with a system that should be very good at your investment level. Don't worry about dollar-ratios at all, so long as you're enjoying what you have.

I suspect your next move, like so many of us, will be to seek further bass extension. To do that consistant with the quality that you now have you'll need to spend a good bit more money. I lived with a compromise system for decades before I had the money to upgrade to "full range" speakers. Once I did that, I quickly doubled my total investment to get the most out of my speakers.

I'm in the camp that if the system sounds good to your ears, I wouldn't worry about how much you spent on any one individual component. Actually I'm type of person that feels that investing in a quality source and amplification, allows the speakers (which are generally the weakest link) to shine their best. And since you have speakers such as Revel Concerta F12 (which are considered somewhat "overacheviers"), you may have found the true snergy in your system that many are looking for. Unless you feel like "sonically" something's missing with your speakers, then I would ignore the dollar ratio, and enjoy the system, and more importantly, enjoy the music. Because that's really what it's all about.