Confused about Rotel 1069, 1068, and 1066 pro's.

Initially I was interested in purchasing a used Rotel 1069 processor. After researching I see Rotel made several models in this family that looks very similar, 1069, 1068, & 1066. I can't find any literature discern the differences. Is there a Rotel junkie out here that can summarize the differences?
Usually has to do with newer digital decoding formats which are added to later models.

Comparing the on-line specs of the RSP-1066 and 1068 for example, it looks as though both models have the same decoding formats but the 1068 has the addition of Dolby Prologic IIx, DTS96/24, MPEG Multichannel and LPCM (up to 192K). The RSP-1069 has the addition of DVD-A and HDMI-HD formats.

That's all I can see from comparing the specifications. Hope that's useful info for you. My system has three major Rotel components so I guess that makes me a Rotel loyalist !!
1066 and 1068 are as described aboive (I own a 1068) and offer component video inputs and outputs. The 1069'S largest addition is a huge one, 4 HDMI inputs and one output. If you intend on latest and greatest 1069 is wa to go but if you dont need HDMI (run video direct from cable/sat or Blu Ray and use multi channels with external DVD built in decoder if HD sound is desired you can save alot and get the earlier models.
Thx PDN & Chadnliz... I'm sticking with the 1069.... Although, my wall mounted flat screen can accept 2 HDMI inputs, I only ran 1 HDMI cable to it... to run another HDMI cable from my AV cabinet would require the services of a carpenter. So since I have 2 input sources, both sat and Blu Ray, the RSP 1069 is the better choice.... Thx again....